University of Toronto

Departments of Psychology and Zoology and Program in Neuroscience

Collaborators, Grants, Courses, etc.

University of Toronto Collaborators:

Liang Li, UofT Mississauga and Peking U.: Startle reflex and emotion circuits.

Martin Ralph, Psychology and Zoology: Circadian rhythms and genes.

Paul Frankland, Sick Childrens’ Research Institute: Memory genes.

Sheena Josselyn, Sick Childrens’ Research Institute: Memory genes and emotions.

Franco Vaccarino, Psychology and CAMH: Peptides, motivation and psychiatry.

Paul Fletcher, Psychology and CAMH: Serotonin, dopamine and motivation.

Jim Kennedy, CAMH, Schizophrenia genes.

John Roder, Mt. Sinai Hospital: Memory genes in mutant mice.

Derek van der Kooy, NIHA: Drug reward pathways and genes.


International Collaborators:

Charles Blaha, U. Memphis, Gina Forster, U. South Dakota, Macquarie U., Australia, Dopamine functions and reward.

Liang Li, Peking U., Startle reflex, audition and emotion learning.

Markus Fendt, Susanne Schmid, Tuebingen U., Startle and emotion circuits.

Roy Wise, NIDA, Drug reward.

Neil Nathanson, U. Washington, Muscarinic receptors.

Juergen Wess, NIH, Muscarinic receptors.


Fourth year Students, 2004:

Moni Bhatacharyya (BA, NSERC Summer Fellow), Karen Ng (NSERC Summer Fellow), Gary Chui, Yaro Konar, Kyle MacMillan, Eddie Moss.


Summer Students, 2004:

Fahad Ahmed, Adam Chow, Patrick Herman (NSERC Summer Fellow),

Jonathan Lee, Huy Tran, Sandra Lim, David Wasserman.


Grant Support:

Canadian    Institutes of Health Research, 2004-2009 (Operating Grant)

National Science and Engineering Council of Canada, 2002-2006

(Operating Grant, Postgraduate Fellow, Undergraduate Summer Fellows)


Scientific Administration by John Yeomans:

Government and Public Affairs Committee, Society for Neuroscience, 2001-04.

Treasurer, Canadian Association for Neuroscience, 2002-04.

Acting Director, University of Toronto Program in Neuroscience, 2004.


Courses by John Yeomans:

Introduction to Neuroscience (NRS201S)

Physiological Psychology II (PSY391S)

Neuroscience Laboratory (NRS302F) (with Martin Ralph and Beverley Murray)

Psychobiology Laboratory (PSY399F) (with Martin Ralph and Beverley Murray)

Fundamental of Neuroscience: Systems and Behavior (PSL440/JNS1000Y)(8 lectures)


Former Students:

Ora Kofman, Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Edward Tehovnik, Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Paul Frankland, Research Scientist, UCLA, Sick Childrens’ Hospital, Toronto

Kate Cochrane, MD, University of Toronto, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford U.

Brian Pollard, MD, University of Toronto

C. Andrew Chapman, Assistant Professor, Concordia University

Mary C. Olmstead, Assistant Professor, Queens University.

Liang Li, Professor, Peking University

Mary C. Olmstead, Assistant Professor, Queens University.

Dr. Yeomans visiting Peking University, Beijing in 2000

Dr. Yeomans presenting a poster